Fan Shen

Fan Shen
Advisor, MilDef

Fan is a seasoned business development executive in the gaming and technology space. Currently, Fan leads invesment for her family office.

Previoulsy, she led gaming investment and partnership for Dapper Labs, a leading blockchain/NFT company. Before Dapper Labs, she led the business development team to source and negotiate strategic partnerships for Amazon Devices and Luna, a cloud gaming solution.

Prior to Amazon, Fan spearheaded business development and publishing efforts for League of Legends: Wild Rift at Riot Games. She negotiated the publishing and development agreement for League of Legends Wild Rift. During her time at Riot, she also established the eSports franchise system for League of Legends Chinese League (LPL). She led a team of nine to design a revenue share model, set the franchise fee, source credible investors, and build city-based system. LPL is the first eSports franchise worldwide with a city-based system. She led all the negotiations with eSports teams. The franchise project led to four new institutional investors for LPL: AsusTek, BiliBili, TopSports and FunPlus.

Fan also spent years working at Boston Consulting Group and Lehman Brothers earlier in her career.