10 Questions with Cohort 8 – RealtyReturns

10 Questions with Cohort 8 – RealtyReturns

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Blue Startups welcomed Cohort 8 in late October and we want you to get to know them better as they reach the half-way point in the program readying for their demo day at East Meets West 2017 in January and in San Francisco the first week of February 2017.

Today please meet RealtyReturns:


1. What is the secret origin of your startup and your team?
RealtyReturns is a Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform which:

  • Allows both accredited and unaccredited investors to invest

  • Offers both debt and equity investments

  • All investments are screened to ensure quality

  • Safe and Secure online platform

  • Allows developers and owners to raise hard money loans

  • Open to both American and International investors

RealtyReturns was founded in 2016 by Rexford R. Hibbs and a select group of successful real estate investors, developers and crowdfunding experts. RealtyReturns has partners and advisors with some of the biggest and most successful real estate developers and landowners in Northern California, Washington and Arizona. They are committed to supporting RealtyReturns and its goals as well as connecting us with the proper relationships to propel us forward. Our members include individual investors (both accredited and non-accredited), family offices, institutional investors, registered investment advisors, hedge funds, banks, asset managers and private equity funds.

The team is formed of likeminded individuals who are dedicated to working towards the success of the company and growing the company.

2. What problem(s) are you solving?
Real estate investing has such a high barrier to entry. It has been traditionally been associated as a rich kids club where unless you have the network and the capital you are not allowed to invest.

3. What is your solution? (Your pitch)
We democratize real estate investing by allowing everyone to get in on the action by using crowdfunding to poll together money from investors and investing in real estate deals all over the country.

4. What kind of traction do you have?
We are currently awaiting final approval from FINRA before we can officially launch, but we do have a couple of deals and investors lined up for when FINRA gives the green light to start operations.

5. Where do you see Hostfully in 24 months after you graduate Cohort 8?
We see RealtyReturns as the leading Title III real estate crowdfunding platform which allows everyone to invest in real estate. We are also going to be offering deals for our members who are accredited investors under Reg A+.

6. What are your favorite growth hacks?
Using social media as a method of building a community of like-minded individuals and using our network to reach out and connect us to potential investors and developers.

7. Who/What inspires you? (can be a founder, a person, a movement etc)
Manny Fernandez is an inspiration to the company. He is a motivated and and driven individual who has built multiple successful businesses in different industries and has become a well known angel investor and a pioneer in the equity crowdfunding space.

8. What is one thing you’ve learned in the program so far that you found valuable/insightful/crazy?
The different views of entrepreneurs who have come to talk about their story and how they have different approaches to funding, their outlook about investors, and how they grow their companies.

9. One secret thing you’ve learned about Hawaii you would tell Cohort 9 about?
The banking system in Hawaii is different from the rest of the United States, so it is important to ensure that you research and prepare to manage the situation of banking in Hawaii before you start the program.

10. Where can we find you online? (list URL, social media and email)