Conference Speakers


Chris Yeh
Founding Partner, Blitzscaling Ventures
Yiying Lu
Artist of Twitter Whale 🐳 & 🥟🧋🥡🥠🥢🦚 Emojis
Gregory Shepard
Author | Investor | Founder | CEO StartupScience.io
Jia Shen
Chief Executive Officer, AKA Virtual
Gilad Berenstein
Founder, Brook Bay Capital
Edgar Chiu
Co-founder and Managing Partner, SparkLabs Taiwan
Doreen Wong
Sustainable Ocean Alliance & Seabird Ventures
Ronjini Joshua
Founder & CEO, The Silver Telegram
Megan Hall
Founder & CEO, Segment X
Brian Glazer
Founder, Hohonu
Isay Acenas
Investor, Climate and Deeptech
Adam Rosen
Co-Founder, Email Outreach Company
Devon Kea DeAngelo
CEO and Co-Founder, Landng
Nobu Morita
Director of Innovations, NEC X Venture Studio

Summit Speakers


Zach Klempf
Founder and CEO, Selly Automotive
Aubrie Pagano
General Partner, Alpaca VC
Arnold Liwanag
Generative AI & Digital Transformation, IVADO LABS
Keyvan Peymani
Executive Chairman, Versus Systems
Lawrence Yen
Founding Partner, MIH Climate Impact Capital
Amy Cheetham
Partner, Costanoa Ventures
Noah Williams
Analyst, Alpaca VC