5 Questions with East Meets West 2017 Speakers – Todd Embley

5 Questions with East Meets West 2017 Speakers – Todd Embley

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1. 3 sentences about yourself that you wouldn’t post on LinkedIn?
I​ am the Leader of one of the most successful alliances on Dominations (Canadian Pride) and I spend an unhealthy amount of time playing the game. ​I’m extremely worried about the future of this world right now, especially the way the United Nations Security Council is shaping up. Everytime I start to feel self-councious about being an underachiever, I look at my amazing wife, and voila! Confidence restored in a “how the hell did I manage to land her?” kind of way.

2. What will you be speaking about at East Meets West 2017 and where do you think that conversation will be going over the next 4 Trump-years?
​I’ll be speaking about The Future of Work. This conversation will be extremely interesting during the Trump era as one of the resounding messages that was sent during the election is that there is a MASSIVE concern by those that are feeling left behind in American regarding their future of employment in today’s industry (especially the wide-spread fear that robots will steal their jobs).​ ​Spoiler – those jobs were meant for robots in the first place.​

3. In your opinion, what is the next major thing to change the world: VR/AR, AI, TransportTech (Hyperloop/Self-driving cars etc) or something else?
​I’ll go back to the future of work on this one. 34% of the American workforce are now freelancers (38% if we just look at millenials), and that figure could rise as high as 50% by ​2020.

4. Choose one and why: Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk for president on November 3, 2020?
​Musk by a mile. He’s the least involved with media or commerce and seems the most genuinely interested person of the three is saving our doomed planet.​

5. Stranded on Kahoolawe with only 1 gadget that will work indefinitely – what is your gadget of choice?
Probably a Vive so that I can still be as close to my family as possible while I wait for that damn row boat to come by.