Conference Speakers


Chris Yeh
Founding Partner, Blitzscaling Ventures
Yiying Lu
Artist of Twitter Whale 🐳 & 🥟🧋🥡🥠🥢🦚 Emojis
Gregory Shepard
Author | Investor | Founder | CEO StartupScience.io
Jia Shen
Chief Executive Officer, AKA Virtual
Gilad Berenstein
Founder, Brook Bay Capital
Edgar Chiu
Co-founder and Managing Partner, SparkLabs Taiwan
Doreen Wong
Sustainable Ocean Alliance & Seabird Ventures
Ronjini Joshua
Founder & CEO, The Silver Telegram
Sue Xu
Managing Partner, Amino Capital
Megan Hall
Founder & CEO, Segment X
Brian Glazer
Founder, Hohonu
Isay Acenas
Investor, Climate and Deeptech
Adam Rosen
Co-Founder, Email Outreach Company
Olin Lagon
Co-Founder & CTO, Shifted Energy
Keith Matsumoto
Programs Director, PICHTR
Ryan Ozawa
Founder at Hawaii Hui
Liya Safina
CEO, Safina & Shekhtman Inc
Nobu Morita
Director of Innovations, NEC X Venture Studio

Summit Speakers


Zach Klempf
Founder and CEO, Selly Automotive
Alex Morley
Senior Associate, Alpaca VC
Arnold Liwanag
Generative AI & Digital Transformation, IVADO LABS
Keyvan Peymani
Executive Chairman, Versus Systems
Lawrence Yen
Founding Partner, MIH Climate Impact Capital
Amy Cheetham
Partner, Costanoa Ventures
Mark Munoz
Managing Partner, Vectr Fintech Partners
Buddy Arnheim
General Partner, Lobby Capital
Justin Marquez
Senior Partnerships Manager Equity & Access, Elemental Excelerator
Noah Williams
Analyst, Alpaca VC