10 Questions with Cohort 8 – RoxyCar

10 Questions with Cohort 8 – RoxyCar

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Blue Startups welcomed Cohort 8 in late October and we want you to get to know them better as they reach the half-way point in the program readying for their demo day at East Meets West 2017 in January and in San Francisco the first week of February 2017.

Today please meet RoxyCar:

1. What is the secret origin of your startup and your team?
I have been in the wholes/retail auto business ever since I was a student at the Haas Business School at UC Berkeley. Since then I have bought/sold over 20000 cars and generated millions in profit. The team consists of long-term friends dating back as far s 20 years.

2. What problem(s) are you solving?
We have idedntified inefficiencies in the used auto markets.

3. What is your solution? (Your pitch)
We have created an Artificial Intelligence that predicatably and profitably buys/sells cars.

4. What kind of traction do you have?
We have over $1 million in revenue and %15 gross profits.

5. Where do you see RoxyCar in 24 months after you graduate Cohort 8?
Roxycar will be profitable and competing with the largest auto sellers in the country.

6. What are your favorite growth hacks?
IBM watson is interesting to me.

7. Who/What inspires you? (can be a founder, a person, a movement etc)
Benjamin Franklin because of his multi faceted talents, Elon Musk for his risk taking and Richard Branson for his focus on the customer.

8. What is one thing you’ve learned in the program so far that you found valuable/insightful/crazy?
 I have learned that there is a process to growing a company and every step is required. Surrounding yourself with the right people makes a huge difference.

9. One secret thing you’ve learned about Hawaii you would tell Cohort 9 about?
Don’t forget to enjoy Hawaii while you are growing your company.

10. Where can we find you online? (list URL, social media and email)
[email protected]