5 Questions with East Meets West 2017 Speakers – Henry Lee

5 Questions with East Meets West 2017 Speakers – Henry Lee

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1. 3 sentences about yourself that you wouldn’t post on LinkedIn?
Wish I could find the next big thing and identify the company which could capitalise on it. Then retire!
Wish I had more time for family and friends.
Wish I was back at my weight in college.

2. What will you be speaking about at East Meets West 2017 and where do you think that conversation will be going over the next 4 Trump-years?
Cooperation between East and West and a more integrated world. Trump can protect interests but should not hinder cross border flows which largely benefits all involved.

3. In your opinion, what is the next major thing to change the world: VR/AR, AI, TransportTech (Hyperloop/Self-driving cars etc) or something else?
Transport for sure. As someone frequently on the road across continents, I wish there was a global hyperloop!

4. Choose one and why: Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk for president on November 3, 2020?
If only between those 3, then Mark Z for sure. He has the best grasp of community and current mind flow. Bezos is too reclusive and Musk is too impractical. But they would make a hell of a cabinet!

5. Stranded on Kahoolawe with only 1 gadget that will work indefinitely – what is your gadget of choice?
Electronic or non-electronic?
Non would be a multi-function Swiss Army knife.
Assuming indefinite charge and wifi connectivity it would have to be an iPad. One doesn’t need much more these days in the modern world!