SparkLabs Taipei

SparkLabs Taipei

SparkLabs is a global accelerator network founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Our Taipei office was established in 2017 with the mission to unlock the full potential of this land.

Taiwan is an island full of seasoned innovators, top-tier technology resources, and countless talents with can-do spirit. Yet, the local resources aren’t ready to support a global vision.

We believe that in order to solve the world’s toughest problems with significant scale and sustainable impact, it is crucial for the business model to be embed with a global mindset from day one – this is why we are looking for startups that wants to be international from the start.

At SparkLabs Taipei, we offer a strategically designed program designated to cultivate international competence, connect founders to global caliber resource networks, and most importantly, introduce them to world-class mentors who has walked the talk.

We believe in the importance of providing early-stage seed funds to high potential startup. At this stage, the teams should be able to have enough security and support allowing them to focus on sharpening their offerings into something truly outstanding. Our global track records of having one of the highest reinvestment rates in the industry is evidence that we do this well.

We believe data is the future. This is why we encourage all of our startups to think about their business model with a data-fueled mindset. Located in the ICT hub of Asia, SparkLabs Taipei also has an unique edge in our deep connection with the local technology industry. From hardware manufacturing to the latest breakthrough in big data and AI, we help our teams design solutions that will succeed and shape in the new economy.