More East Meets West Speakers

Chenoa Farnsworth
Managing Partner, Blue Startups
Kirk Myers
Director of Sustainability, Alaska Airlines
Terry Hsiao
Adjunct Professor, Marymount University
Faruq Ahmad
Founding Partner, Palo Alto Capital Advisors
Tony Blank
Director of Startup Programs, Agora
Clint Chao
General Partner, Moment Ventures
Devin Ehrig
Partner, Shadow Factory
Greg Gaug
Vice President of Investments, Ulupono Initiative
Hoala Greevy
Founder & CEO, Paubox
Chris Hemmeter
Managing Director, Thayer Ventures
Dawn Lippert
CEO, Elemental Excelerator
Leah Lizarondo
Co-Founder & CEO, 412 Food Rescue
Melissa Miyashiro
Managing Director, Blue Planet Foundation
Wayne Murphy
Co-Founder & COO, Hatch
Steve Petranik
Editor, Hawaii Business Magazine
Vance Reavie
Founder & CEO, Junction AI
Will Reppun
Co-Founder, Unrulr
Liza Rodewald
Founder & CEO, Instant Teams
Maya Rogers
CEO, Tetris & Partner, Blue Startups
`Aulani Wilhelm
Senior VP, Oceans at Conversation International
Gavan Wilhite
Game Technology Consultant,
Amanda Ellis
ASU Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory
Aubrie Pagano
General Partner, Alpaca VC
Celeste Connors
Executive Director, Hawai‘i Green Growth
Christopher Kelley
Vice President, J.P. Morgan
Cortney Gusick
Founder, Pahiki Eco-Caskets
Dan Schrauth
Managing Director, J.P. Morgan
Eric Chan
Head of Partnerships, Chargebee
Edgar Chiu
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, SparkLabs Taiwan
Peter Dames
Executive VP of Technology, Servco
Roxelle Cho
Founder, Fused Hawaii
Stacy Ferreira
Budget Chief, State of Hawai'i Senate
Lauren Nahme
VP for Strategy & Transformation, Kamehameha Schools
Barron Guss
President & CEO, simplicityHR by ALTRES
Jack Wong
CEO, Kamehameha Schools